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Post-Contract Advice

On live projects, there are inevitably design clarifications or changes in scope. However, it’s how these are dealt with that is critical to a project’s success or failure.

Changes in scope or design clarifications may result in delays or increased cost. But what happens if as a result of the contract drafting, your client advises you are not entitled to any additional cost or extensions of time?

Lindford Consulting’s post-contract advice is designed to help contractors and sub-contractors understand the complexity of contracts. We will help resolve any post contract issues quickly and effectively.

On commencement of a project, there is an urgency to not only proceed with the works but to maintain a good working relationship with the other contracting party. It is not uncommon to undertake works that do not form part of the contract scope. This is all done in good faith with the expectation that these issues will be ironed out in due course.

However, to avoid protracted discussions and disagreements, there are particular processes that need to be followed. When project scope changes occur, or methods of working are changed, let us help you avoid a disagreement or dispute arising. Some of this work may fall under the contract administration role. However, you will need an understanding of any contractual implications and impact on the project. That may be in terms of prolongation of time or increased cost.

By getting expert advice as soon as the event happens, you can speed up decision making. This in turn minimises the prospect of the issue escalating. Lindford Consulting’s knowledge and expertise in Quantity Surveying and construction contract law will enable you to understand your own position quickly. Let us help you negotiate a successful outcome.

We will work with you to identify any changes to the scope of works methodology. We will help find out what cost and time implication this will have on your project and your business. Our team are proficient in providing pragmatic and proactive post-contract advice across many sectors, to obtain the best outcome for your project and business or organisation.

Should the change to scope progress into a dispute, we also offer dispute resolution services.

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