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Records, BIM, Disputes and How Technology Can Help16 Oct 2019

Edward spoke alongside Ari Isaacs of ShapeDo and Casey Rutland of Royal Haskoning / the UK BIM Alliance on the subject of how records and technology can help to minimise the risk of escalating construction costs and subsequent disputes.

The recording of the event is available to watch on the CIOB’s ‘Academy’ website as part of their CPD provision. Members can access it free of charge. For non-members there is a small fee. You’ll find the full recording here.

Take Aways

Key points from the event:

  • What data should we be collecting? Casey observes that anyone can collect data, but how we manage it and what we do with it can make a difference. What is BIM? BIM is the process of defining, creating and delivering structured data and documents for the built environment. The data should be useful for the entire lifecycle of a project.
  • What is the standard for BIM and what has been done so far? Casey looks at the work being done by the CDBB in its work towards a national digital twin and the ISO 19650 series of standards and feedback is welcomed from industry.  He also refers to such as the Winfield/Rock report that look at what legal and contractual barriers exist, and product data coordination.
  • Edward examines the importance of the old adage, “records, records, records”. He discusses the critical importance of coordinating information, and ensuring it is useful for later use.
  • What does the contract say? Edward notes the importance of understanding the contract, and the specific requirements each contract will have for record keeping, as well as the specific cases that refer to record keeping, such as, A.G. Falkland Islands v Gordon Forbes Construction (Falklands) Ltd.
  • How can specific technology help? Edward examines the benefits of Openspace for recording progress on construction projects. Ari takes a look at how ShapeDo can help to manage and track changes in drawings across a project lifecycle.

Thanks to the CIOB for hosting this event – do get in touch if you have any questions on any of the subjects covered in the session.

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