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OpenSpace Project Recording

At Lindford, our focus has always been on helping you avoid disputes wherever possible.

Having worked with clients at all stages and on projects across sectors, we see similarities in the problems that arise.

One thing is key to avoiding disputes: good record management. The late Max Abrahamson, leading lawyer and arbitrator is frequently quoted as saying that anyone involved in a construction dispute quickly learns three things: the importance of records, the importance of records and the importance of records.

You might think as an industry we would know this by now. But as you know, sometimes what should be recorded and what is actually recorded are very different things.

There are better ways to manage our project documentation. But as a sector, construction lags behind when it comes to the uptake of new technology. We think this needs to change.

We have partnered with OpenSpace to help you bring your record management into the 21st century. OpenSpace uses cutting-edge technology, like that in self-driving cars. It allows you to capture your project’s progress in real-time and have a digital visual record uploaded into the cloud.

How does it work?

You strap a special camera onto a hard-hat when you want to capture the project, say during a routine daily inspection and hit “go” on the app. It’s extremely easy to use. Much like Google maps ‘Streetview’ the software builds up a complete 360-degree record of what’s happening at any point on the site.

By capturing every detail on your site, with no added labour, you can eliminate inaccurate pictures and sketchy write-ups. These records can be accessed from anywhere and shared with your team. You can see a split-screen with any two selected dates of the same location and compare the different points in time.

Get in touch today for a free demonstration and discussion of how OpenSpace can save you time and money, and avoid costly disputes.


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