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Innovative Technology for Avoiding Construction Disputes22 Mar 2019

As the use of technology on construction projects grows, can this help avoid costly and time consuming disputes? Join us on 24th April in London for a half day seminar looking at using new technology to avoid disputes.

Technology for Dispute Avoidance

ConTech is the latest buzz world in the construction sector. But what is it and how is it changing the way we manage our projects?

There is an abundance of new technology available. Many tools exist to help you capture even more project data and improve your record keeping.

But just producing more data alone is not enough. You need to be able to analyse and interpret this data. It’s crucial to use effectively to improve the management of your projects. Edward Carolan of Lindford Consulting will take a look at some of the technology available, including a case study of Openspace. He’ll be looking at how these tools can help you monitor project progress and avoid disputes.

Using Drones on your Projects

Drones are becoming increasingly common for monitoring and surveying projects across the UK. Using drones on construction projects can help you access areas that would previously have been inaccessible. Amy Cheeseman of Waldeck will be discussing how drones can improve your project reporting, and what you need to think about if you decide to use drones on your projects.

What are the legal implications?

So you have decided to implement some new technology for project monitoring. Or you want to use drones to survey your site. What are the legal requirements and how could this affect your contract? Philip Banks-Welsh of Royds Withy King is a disputes lawyer with a specialism in drone law. He’ll be covering the legal implications of new technology, including preparing your contract and pitfalls to beware of.

Presenting new technology as Evidence

If your project does end in dispute, using evidence produced with new technology may be an additional challenge as well as an opportunity. Emma Hynes of Hardwicke Chambers will take a look at how you can present new technology in tribunals as well as what is admissible. She will be sharing her experiences with the use of VR, video and 3D modelling in the Grenfell enquiry.

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Full Timetable

3:30pm – Arrival and Registration
4:00pm – Welcome and Introduction / Innovative technology for avoiding disputes – Edward Carolan, Lindford Consulting
4:30pm – Use of Drones on Construction Projects – Amy Cheeseman, Waldeck
5:00pm – Break
5:30pm – The legalities of new technology on construction projects – Philip Banks-Welsh, Royds Withy King
6:00pm – Presenting Evidence – Emma Hynes, Hardwicke Chambers
6:30pm – Close and networking Reception

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