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So you’ve been delayed? How do you prove it wasn’t your fault?

Delayed projects are likely to be a significant feature of the coming months, as productivity reduces or changes as a result of COVID-19. But how do you go about evidencing and proving delay? The original cause of a delay or disruption may well be the pandemic. Yet many may be surprised to find that will […]

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Round Table – What Next for Construction Tech Adoption?

Construction Technology Adoption – Where Are We Going? A few weeks ago, as COVID-19 was just becoming a part of our lives, we hosted a round table discussion hosted by Denise Chevin of BIM+. The event looked at how tech might be more easily adopted, what legal issues are out there and the implications for […]

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Records, BIM, Disputes and How Technology Can Help

Edward spoke alongside Ari Isaacs of ShapeDo and Casey Rutland of Royal Haskoning / the UK BIM Alliance on the subject of how records and technology can help to minimise the risk of escalating construction costs and subsequent disputes. The recording of the event is available to watch on the CIOB’s ‘Academy’ website as part […]

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Digital Construction, BIM and Disputes

Recently our old friends, Arcadis published their annual report into construction disputes. The report examines where Arcadis see disputes arising. It also looks at the costs and implications of those disputes. The report gives us an idea of what is going on in the world of dispute resolution. Though it’s very much from the perspective […]

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Innovative Technology for Avoiding Construction Disputes

As the use of technology on construction projects grows, can this help avoid costly and time consuming disputes? Join us on 24th April in London for a half day seminar looking at using new technology to avoid disputes. Technology for Dispute Avoidance ConTech is the latest buzz world in the construction sector. But what is […]

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#Contech in Dispute Avoidance

“digital technologies and data enable collaboration and integration …to drive efficiency and value.”* If “A picture is worth a thousand words”, how many words are in a video recording at 50 frames a second? Photos and videos in construction project reporting are producing greater transparency and trust. Videos and photos are naturally considered a more […]

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Contech: What is it and why the sudden fuss?

Proptech, Contech and The Future of Construction The term ‘proptech’ has been around for some time now. It describes innovations in real-estate focussed technology. Usually, proptech refers to startup businesses aiming to use the latest technology to make real estate more efficient. ‘Contech’, in contrast, has attracted less attention and been a little slower off […]

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    Letters of Intent

    Letters of Intent

    Project lifecycles are often dictated by an end date. The procurement of a project has many...

    22 Mar 2021
    So When Do I Get Paid?

    So When Do I Get Paid?

    I was reviewing a contract which reminded me of the issues that arose in the case...

    3 Dec 2020

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